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pjs.sendRequest() is deprecated. Please use pjs.httpRequest() instead.

The pjs.sendRequest() API consumes a RESTful web service using server-side code and returns the web service response.

The API accepts a configuration parameter with the following properties:

  • method - the HTTP method to use (POST, GET, PUT, etc.)
  • uri - the relative or absolute URI for the request
  • body - request body or post data to pass along to the web service

POST example using a relative URI:

let response = pjs.sendRequest({
  method: "POST",
  uri: "/updatePrice"
  body: {
    effectiveDate: new Date()  // today

GET example using an absolute URI:

// Get exchange rate data
let response = pjs.sendRequest({
  method: "GET",
  uri: "https://api.exchangeratesapi.io/latest?base=" + baseCurrency

// Load Rich Display grid with exchange rates
for (let currency in response.rates) {
    rate: response.rates[currency]


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