Our Profound.js Spaces training is specifically tailored for Enterprise development. We cover the things you need to know to create real-world business applications. Even if your developers are new to Node.js and JavaScript, they will walk away with a good understanding of:

  • How to build database-driven business applications with low-code and Node.js
  • The different approaches that exist to build and organize your UI/UX
  • How to use Rich Displays to boost user interface development
  • How to create Web Services and REST API that connect to your Enterprise data
  • How to organize your application code and eliminate callback hell
  • How to use Git and GitHub with your low-code and Node.js projects

  • Each training session is personalized to your needs. The examples we create during training will function over a database of your choice including Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, IBM i Db2, and/or others.


    Do you have a new project or idea? Are you looking to take an existing legacy application to a modern platform?

    We can build your minimal viable product and get the project started properly. Not only can we get you underway with functioning application code, but we’ll also make sure you are ready for the cloud and your environment is configured for Git and continuous integration. Once your project is set up for success, we can transfer the knowledge to your team for ongoing maintenance and application development. From then on, we will be available for continued support as you need us.

    Application Development & Support

    Whether your needs are as simple as staff augmentation or you need to reengineer a major legacy system for the cloud, we are here to help. We’ve helped on and completed software application development projects of all sizes.

    Here are some of the things we specialize in:

  • Full stack development with Node.js
  • Mobile and Web development
  • Moving legacy code (COBOL, RPG, Java, .NET, PHP) to modern Node.js
  • Enabling applications for the cloud
  • Custom deployment, DevOps, and infrastructure management
  • API / Microservices development
  • UI/UX technologies, such as Rich Displays, React, and Vue
  • Customizing your ERP system

  • Industries We Serve

    We’ve worked with customers in almost every industry. Here are some of the common industries we serve:

  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Banking/Finance
  • Logistics/Warehouse Management
  • Government
  • Our Team

    Our team has worked closely with hundreds of Enterprise customers to help them build and modernize their business applications. We can help you too!

    We are a US-based. Because we try to hire the best people regardless of location, our staff is spread out across offices in 4 different states (California, Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin), as well as remote employees in a number of other states.