Profound.js slashes the time and cost of application development by 50 to 95%.

  • Cloud-based Visual Designer
  • Customizable Widgets
  • Zero-code App Builder extensible with Node.js
  • Relational Database Integration
  • REST API Creation and Management
  • Visual Git Interface
  • Cloud-based Terminal Access
  • npm Package Integration
  • Instant No-Compile Deployment
  • Online Debugging
  • Server Log Management
  • Sharing and Collaboration
Yearly (save 20%)  |  Monthly
Build & Learn



For developers to learn the Profound.js Spaces environment and build simple applications.

  • Core features
  • Purged after 21 days
  • Profound.js branding
  • domain
  • Community support

Starts at $30/ workspace / month

Billed annually

For businesses creating and deploying applications to a small group of end-users.

  • Core features
  • Permanent workspace
  • Custom branding
  • Custom domain
  • 500 sessions / month
  • 2GB of disk space
  • Community support

Custom Quote


For organizations that need enterprise-grade customization, security, scaling, and support.

  • All Professional features
  • Muiltiple DB sources
  • Deploy on-premises
  • Deploy in your own cloud
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited sessions
  • RPA capabilities
  • Priority email/phone support

Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase a Starter or Professional plan, click the Purchase button above, select the desired workspace and billing option, and pay by credit card.

If you are looking to purchase an Enterprise plan, please contact us.
A session starts when a user visits your application URL and persists until the user closes the browser or leaves the URL. They can navigate to various screens and interact with the application all during one session.

Profound.js applications are presented as single-page apps (SPAs), which means the page on the URL is not reloaded as the user navigates through the application.

Your own testing of the application does not count towards the session quota.
Once a plan is purchased, a new "Linked Domains" option will appear under the Server menu in the Profound.js Spaces IDE. Use this option to link one or more domain names to your workspace.
Under the "Build & Learn" and the "Starter" plans, your workspace will go to sleep after approximately 20 minutes of inactivity. When users start using your application again, the workspace server will automatically restart, which takes a few seconds.
Configuring Profound.js on your own server requires an Enterprise license. You setup the platform by installing the profoundjs npm package and requesting a license key from us. If you’re still evaluating, a trial key can be requested.

If you created workspaces in our cloud on, there is a simple option to import those workspaces into your own server.
Our platform is based on Node.js, a server-side JavaScript runtime. Node.js is open-source and cross-platform. Before installing Profound.js, you will have to make sure that an LTS version of Node.js is installed on your server.
Node.js is the newest and most modern server-side language for Web/Mobile application development. It has many advantages over the more legacy and more proprietary languages, such as Java and .NET.

Some of these advantages are listed below.
  • The same language (JavaScript) is used for both front-end and back-end development, so there is less to manage and less to learn.
  • JavaScript is today’s most popular language and is growing faster than anything else.
  • It is specifically made for Web, Mobile, and Cloud, making it easier to administer and deploy.
  • There is a bigger pool of developers available with JavaScript skills.
  • It performs and scales much better than any alternative.
  • It has become the standard for JSON-based REST API. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) uses JavaScript objects for its protocol.
  • It is backed by the world’s largest repository of open-source components. There are over 1 million packages on npm.
  • The cost of ownership of a Node.js-based platform is much lower.
If you are considering to invest in a low-code platform that is not based on Node.js and JavaScript, you may not be getting the most modern and flexible platform.
At Profound, we built out a complete services organization that offers a wide range of services including training, quick-start services to build your minimal viable product, system modernization, and any other application development and support you may need. Contact us to get started.
We provide special features and additional offerings specifically geared for IBM i modernization. Please visit or contact our team for details.
Yes, by choosing a yearly plan, you will receive a 20% discount. We also offer additional discounts to software agencies, universities, and non-profits. For more information, please contact us.