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This space serves an an example of a simple low-code forum application.

Last updated on April 27, 2021

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Low-Code Forum Application

This low-code application simulates a basic forum in which users can

  • Make posts
  • Comment on posts
  • Reply to comments on posts

As this is a demo, a drop-down list of usernames is provided on each form using the database-driven selection properties.

In some routines, you can find steps labeled as "Username / Timestamp Formatting". This is custom code.

Custom Node.js code can be

  1. Added as a step in a routine OR
  2. Created by converting an existing step to code by clicking the Node.js logo on the step's header.

This specific custom code was created using the second method and then altered to change grid elements conditionally. It counts the comments/replies for each post/comment and sets a variable to display the username and timestamp in a more stylish, readable format. The counted comments/replies are also added to the grid.

Documentation on the low-code features used in this application are listed below.

Low Code Docs

Build Data... How to build low code routines

Steps and Plugins Steps to building a routine

Data Source suggestions and implicit work variables

CRUD Generator Easily build a CRUD application for database tables

Custom Code Convert existing steps to editable code or write your own

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