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Eat other NodeRun players to win prizers

Last updated on December 26, 2019

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NodeRun Balls

Welcome to NodeRun Balls!

Here are the rules...

Getting Started

  • You must have a NodeRun account to play and you must be logged in.

  • When you launch the app, the game starts immediately and your NodeRun user name will be the character name that everyone sees when they compete against you.

  • This is the URL for the game:

The Basics

  • This game is similar to, but there are a few differences.

  • Your character is in the shape of a NodeRun logo. And the goal is for your NodeRun balls to get as big as possible.

  • Use the mouse or keyboard to move yourself around:

    • If you're using the keyboard, you must hold the key(s) to keep going
    • If you're using the mouse, there is nothing to click, just hover your mouse over the playing area and your character will follow the mouse cursor
    • But if your mouse if off the browser screen, the character will stay in place
    • On a mobile screen, just tap to where you want your character to go
    • Using a device with a smaller screen is a major disadvantage because you will see less of the board
  • You must actively participate. If you switch to another application or browser tab for more than 5 seconds (5000 ms), you will be kicked out of the game and you will lose all the points you've accumulated. If that does happen, refresh your browser to get back into the game.

Chat Window

  • The chat window (not available on smaller devices) shows you different events, like when other players join the game or when they get eaten.

  • You can gripe, collabarate, and chat with others in this window, but please be respectful to other players.

  • Chat window also supports some limited commands, like toggling between light and dark mode.

Eating Food

  • The basic way to get bigger is to eat smaller circles (food).

  • Food is placed randomly throughout.

  • As you eat more food, it keeps regenerating in other parts of the playing board; so there is always something to eat.

Moving Faster

  • Moving fast is important in this game. It allows you to hunt down your opponents, as well as run away from your predators when they are after you.

  • However, the bigger you get, the slower you start moving :(

  • There is a solution... press the Spacebar (or touch the appropriate icon on mobile). This will split your ball(s) in the direction you're moving.

  • You can split multiple times. You must be a certain minimum size before you can split.

  • When you are split up, the balls are moving independently, and the smaller the ball the faster it can move.

  • When you stop moving your balls, the balls will tend to come together.

  • When there is no gap between your balls for a little while, your balls will join back together.

Capturing Other Players

  • You can grow even faster by eating other players and gaining their entire mass.

  • You must cover the other players' balls with your NodeRun balls entirely (touching is not enough).

  • If you get eaten completely and all your balls are gone, you will have the option to rejoin the game and start over, but of course your points will reset.

  • Once you grow to a certain size, you will start losing mass slowly. You can hustle and eat more food or other players, or you can split up to make sure you're smaller and therefore not losing mass.


  • The Leaderboard is a realtime display of everyone's:

    • Rank
    • Prize
    • Score

  • Your score is also your mass (or how big your character is).

  • The higher your score, the higher you will be on the leaderboard, which determines what kind of prize you will win. Everyone can win something as long as you're still in the game when the game is over. If you die, join back as soon as possible.

Shooting Mass

  • You can eject some of your mass by pressing the W key on your keyboard or touching the target icon on mobile.

  • Someone else can then eat the ejected mass, or you can capture it back yourself.

  • This can be used to collaborate with other players and share your mass with others.


  • Viruses are big green balls.

  • If you're bigger than the virus, coming in contact with it will spit you.

  • If you're smaller than the virus, nothing will happen. You can hide in the virus as players with a bigger mass approach you. If they try to get you, they will be split and you will remain safe.


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4 years ago

That was fun

4 years ago

Great game!

4 years ago

Thanks, Alex! This was fun.

4 years ago


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