Node.js Framework for Enterprise Business Applications

The easiest way to integrate and deploy business-ready Node.js applications.

What is Profound.js?

Profound.js is a revolutionary solution for Enterprise business application development using Node.js. It elegantly brings together client-side and server-side development technologies, allowing developers to build database-driven business applications quicker than ever before.

Profound.js Integrates With

What Is Included?

Profound.js is a suite of tools that comes with:

Node.js Framework
nodejs-framework-icon Our free Node.js Framework (available on npm) makes your applications Enterprise-ready and includes:

  • Visual Designer Tool for building Rich UIs and single page applications
  • A robust Node.js server based on Express
  • Support for Strong Data Types & various API to work with these data types
  • Ability to use Fibers for top-down programming
  • Caching and hot module reloading
  • Built-in error reporting and logging
  • Built-in support for Rich Displays and HTML interfaces

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Profound.js Connector
connector-icon Profound.js Connector adds robust integration and connectivity capabilities, including inherent support for the following databases:

  • IBM i DB2
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

The Connector brings added functionality to existing code including:

  • Ability for RPG and CL code to start utilizing any Node.js module, and to immediately use Web services, npm, IoT, and Watson in your applications
  • Support for iterative, agile development
  • Ability for Node.js modules to act like native ILE programs on IBM i
  • Seamless integration of RPG, CL, COBOL, and Node.js programs
  • Capability to call 5250 green-screen interactive commands from Node, and having them render as HTML5 on-the-fly

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Visual Designer

A Visual Designer for Web and Mobile apps, allowing developers to build and prototype user interfaces quickly in a visual drag-and-drop manner.

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The Benefits of Profound.js

Enterprise-ready, and supports transactional, database-driven applications
Supports all major business databases, and eliminates the complexity of Callbacks (“Callback hell”) and Promises
Modularization of monolithic applications significantly reduces the amount of code you write, cleans up “dead” code, and allows you to reuse code
Effortlessly integrate IoT, IBM Watson, and other APIs to add value to your applications
Easily convert IBM i RPG code into modern Node.js with expanded functionality
Build Node.js business apps easily using Profound.js.

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