Agile Modernization with Node.js

Retain your IBM i (AS/400) investment and modernize without risks.

What is Agile Modernization?

Businesses have long been searching for the best way to bring their legacy IBM i (AS/400) applications into the modern age.

They’re tired of using green screens and want to take advantage of today’s latest technologies and platforms.

Many take on high-risk, high-cost system rewrites and migrations off IBM i in hopes of doing so. But more often than not, these projects fail—costing millions of dollars and wasting years of development effort.

Thankfully, there is now an incremental, iterative, agile approach to IBM i modernization.

Agile Modernization combines conversion to Node.js and a rich UI front end for true, enterprise-level IBM i modernization.

4 Steps to a Modern Enterprise

1. Convert

Use Profound.js to convert RPG applications to Node.js on IBM i as needed without losing compatibility.

2. Integrate

Call your IBM i apps as Web services for easy integration with Java, .NET, and PHP programs.

3. Extend

Take advantage of the resources available on the Open-source Ecosystem from your IBM i.

4. Design

Design beautiful graphical interfaces with Profound UI to eliminate any perceptions of “outdated” technology.

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The perks of being Agile:

Minimal Risk

The luxury of an agile approach reduces the costs and risks normally associated with rewriting RPG applications or migrating away from IBM i altogether.

Integrated Systems

Modernizing in Node.js easily allows your IBM i apps to be called as Web services and integrate with your Java, .NET, and PHP development efforts.

Development Talent

Modernizing with JavaScript, one of today’s most popular languages, opens your team to new, younger development talent.

Open-source Ecosystem

Extend your IBM i applications to a whole new world of open-source technologies including IoT, IBM Watson, and the Cloud.

Introducing Profound.js

We’re happy to present Profound.js, the key piece that makes Agile Modernization possible. Profound.js is a suite of tools that allows you to modernize legacy RPG applications using open source Node.js.

The Profound.js Solution Includes:

Node.js Framework
nodejs-framework-icon Our free Node.js Framework (available on npm) makes your applications Enterprise-ready by:

  • Providing RPG-like capabilities for Node.js
  • Enabling top-down transactional business programming capabilities
  • Streamlining development and avoiding ‘Callback Hell’
  • Offering seamless integration with the Profound UI framework for a robust Rich User Interface
Visual Designer
visual-designer-icon The Profound UI Visual Designer now works with Node.js! This drag-and-drop IDE makes it easy to design stunning Web or mobile application interfaces using Node and is available for free on npm.
Profound.js Connector
connector-icon Supports iterative, incremental development, and enables your business to see immediate ROI. The Connector provides:

  • The ability for existing RPG programs to directly call Node.js modules, and vice versa
  • Direct integration between Node.js user interfaces and RPG program displays
  • Database drivers for IBM i to support robust, top-down integration with SQL or Record Level Access methods
  • Access to a variety of IBM i resources, such as data areas and low level system API
Profound.js Converter
conversion-icon Our conversion tool automates the majority of the RPG to Node.js conversion and Profound Logic experts handle the rest, if needed. Unlike most conversions that often produce more convoluted code, Profound.js simplifies programs, and generally creates less lines of code than the original RPG.
JumpStart enables users to automatically generate user interfaces for Node.js applications. These Web and mobile templates eliminate the need to start a project from scratch.

Next Steps

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